LEDLENSER P6R Core QC P6R Core QC 270 Lumens LED Rechargeable Multi Colored Flashlight with Focusing Optic


  • 4 color in 1: the multi-color LED allows 1 to switch to 1 of 4 colors: white light for general visibility; red light for glare-free night vision; green light for wildlife observation or blue light for tracking, multiple colored beams, for multiple uses all in 1 flashlight, the rotary switch
  • Stobe light for safety: the multi-color strobe can be activated with flashes of light in each of the 4 different colors emitted sequentially, the color light flashes with an irritating glare effect and can be perfect beam for emergency situations
  • Specs: for the white beam: 270 Lumens for 5-hours (high); 120 Lumens for 14-hours (medium); 15 Lumens for 110-hours (low)
  • Pickup not available