Thrift Marketing T600 6 lbs Thrift Drain Cleaner


When your pipes need a heavy-duty cleaning solution, try theThrift T-600 Pipe and Drain Cleaner! Unlike ordinary drain cleaners that require 2 to 7 hours to get the results, this Thrift Drain Cleaner only takes less than a minute to dissolve hair and wipe that yucky grease away (activated by hot water)! It is non-acidic so you don’t have to worry about getting your porcelain fixtures, polished brass, chrome trim, and plastic or metal pipes harmed. This 6-pound non-acidic drain cleaner is specialized with an odorless formula, making it safe to use even in schools, hospitals, offices, or hotels. Of all the drain cleaner, this solution is one of the very few products that can work on drains, grease traps, septic systems, and sewer lines. Most can only address one or two, but not all four! For more details, please read the Safety Data Sheet attached under the Resources Section.

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