Excelsior Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent with Eco Bottle 3 L


Our Excelsior Biodegradable Laundry Detergent Liquid, comes in an all-natural, enzymes packed formula. It won’t trigger an allergy, so have the peace of mind when you do your laundry.A laundry detergent that is extra gentle, use it on baby clothes, or as detergent for hand washing delicates. It’s an overall biodegradable soap, deodorizing, and eco fabric softener.What sets our formula apart from other detergents with enzymes, is that it actively breaks down dirt, mold, bacteria, and stains. It’s a high-efficiency detergent that has many applications. It also works as an eco fabric softener, concentrated laundry detergent, and all-natural laundry deodorizer. It’s a trifecta laundry solution that saves you on costs, rather than purchasing several individual cleaning products. Use it as detergent for travel, detergent for sports clothes, and even newborn detergent for baby clothes. Plus, it has an all-natural scent that’s mild on sensitive nostrils and keeps your washing machine at maximum performance. It won’t clog your pipes! Further, you only need a small amount of this fabric detergent so it’s virtually no effort at all. It does the job for you. It’s a very effective cleaning tool that’s friendly on the budget too. Our all-natural laundry detergent liquid is a safe, and economical choice, for you and the family. Because it’s bleach and phosphate-free. Use a good 15ml on HE laundry machine units and double the amount for traditional laundry machines.Excelsior’s All Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent, is the ultimate cleaning solution, for all your cleaning and laundry needs. Don’t miss out on it today! Excelsior offers an unsurpassed cleaning experience, that is reliable and efficient time and again.

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